Childcare Centres

We have long associations with childcare facilities, kindy's and preschools, having provided some of them with toys and furniture in the Franklin district for over 30 years.

Our toys and furniture are durable, last the longest and inspire imaginative play, my favorite toy was a garage that my grandfather built me when I was around 5 years old, I am sure I had a thousand plastic fantastic toys, yet none of them left an indelible imprint on my mind as much as that garage.

Just about every center I visit has a sandpit and most have at least two of our sandpit diggers and wooden trucks alongside, equally used by little boys and little girls.

And on the gender specific point, our Fairy Tree house and furniture appeals to both boys and girls, these are also excellent for open ended play, Ive seen dinosaurs,and cars as well as my little ponies and fairies used on them!

I love natural edge toys (Toys with bark still attached) and will be enlarging this range as time goes on.

We are also looking to develop long term relationships with centers and build and design anything that you might need.

‘Here at Childspace we value quality educational materials built to last by dedicated New Zealanders. Pioneer Toy’s range of hard-wearing toys crafted from real timber and finished with a great eye for detail are enormously popular with our children, families, and teachers alike.’

 Robin Christie

Childspace Early Learning Centres

Wellington, Aotearoa